The Web Site is intended to serve as an online archive for all Jewish families and communities where Holocaust survivor families are given the opportunity to preserve stories, photographs and documents and any additional information received from their surviving parents, and / or any other party.

With the advanced tools of the new media, different users are created on the site, which enables the construction of a pedigree and links between the different communities. The site meets the needs of the younger generation, active on the Internet and allows the collaborative work of members of all generations to enter the information, learn from it and benefit from the opportunities the site provides today.

The Future Generations Association – Holocaust and Heroic Heritage Issues puts the site’s activities at the disposal of public institutions, schools, research institutes, or anyone interested in the Holocaust.

The content accumulated on the site by its users is valuable and important during the Holocaust period.

The rights to the content are reserved for those who donated it to the common good, so that they can learn, and remember the events of the Holocaust, and to locate generations of Moraine.

The site contains collections of members of future generations, as well as collections we found on social networks, and found it appropriate to display them on the site, so that everyone can see, learn and understand the meaning of the word “Holocaust”

The site’s management calls on anyone who wants to preserve their family’s story, or has photos and documents from the Holocaust, to provide us with copies so that we can view them all on the site.

What to do with the site:

Commemorate and document the name of one of the victims of the Holocaust.
To commemorate a Holocaust survivor who passed away.
Document life history of Holocaust survivor.
Document a story of a community, camp or ghetto.
Document a topic of heroism: partisans, Jewish fighters, underground, etc.
Document the stories of the rebirth of the people of Israel, the DP camps, escape, illegal immigration, etc.
Document any other issue related to the Holocaust that is appropriate for uploading to the site.

The site has extensive activity across all social networks, and you are welcome to share with us via the sharing buttons below.

We believe that through the site, we can share the whole world and show them the Holocaust story of the Jewish people, make anyone who is not religious, gender, or racial, avoid anti-Semitism, and deny the Holocaust.

We call on every institution, a body that engages in the Holocaust to collaborate with us, upload content, and stories in any language you want.

The website is multilingual, and its content is presented in a variety of languages.

The website needs support, financial resources, and volunteers to keep it unique, you are welcome to take part in the activity and support on the site.

If you have an idea or question for collaboration, contact me personally to webmaster Mr. Polk Yosef, and I would love to find the way to collaborate.