Next Generations

Subsequent generations of Holocaust and heroic heritage are an association that incorporates Holocaust survivors, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well as anyone interested in the history of the Holocaust, heroism and rebirth. The primary purpose of the association is to work to commemorate the memory of the Holocaust and heroism in general and to instill personal stories of our family during the Holocaust before and after the future generations in particular. We believe we have a uniqueness, by being the descendants of people who were “there”, went through and survived the inferno, and against all odds were able to nurse the fragments, build new lives and new families. We believe that as the survivors’ children and grandchildren, we have a special responsibility. The generation of survivors is dwindling and we feel the need and desire to realize the responsibility that lies on our shoulders for us and for generations to come.

About (information updated July 2019)
The Future Generations Association is an organization that all its activists and managers volunteer. The association is managed by an executive committee chaired by the chairman of the association. The executive committee is also assisted by an activist council that supports and assists the planned association activities under the following task committees:

Co-chair and executive committee chairman: Billy Laniado.
Members of the Executive Committee: Banya Aharonovich, Dr. Margalit Ganor, Tova Leshem, Dr. Mela Meir, Debbie Morag, Azriel Nevo, Yechiel Narkis, Shmuel Sork, Haim Fishground, Rachel Rosenstein, Dr. Yossi Sheva, Yaffe Schlesinger, Dr. Zahava Tanna.
Contact Committee with members of the activist council: Dr. Margalit Ganor, Tova Leshem, Dr. Mela Meir, Yechiel Narkis, Dr. Yossi again.
Task Committees:
The association operates several task committees headed by the members of the executive committee, to which active members join.
The committees and committee members are:

Finance Committee: Chair: Shmuel Surek.
Members: Banya Aharonovich, Billy Laniado, Ra’anan Meir, Rachel Rosenstein, Dr. Zahava Tanna.
Event Committee: Chair: Good there.
Friends: Billy Laniado, Haim Fishground, Deborah Morg.
Education Committee: Chair: Dr. Margalit Ganor, Members: Yechiel Narkis.
Second and Third Generation Support Committee: Chair: Dr. Mela Meir.
Friends: Dr. Margalit Ganor, Billy Laniado.
Committee to Commemorate the Partisan and Combatants Activities: Chair: Dr. Yossi again.
Members: Billy Laniado, Tova Leshem, Dr. Mela Meir, Azriel Nebo, Yechiel Narkis.
A journey between the heroic monuments: Tova Leshem and Azriel Nebo.
Holocaust Studies Stage – Center Area: Bunia Ben-Eliezer, Billy Laniado, Tova Leshem, Haim Fishground, Rachel Rosenstein. (Team members work in partnership with “Bamot” at the association’s branches across the country).
The team of the memorial and Facebook site “Generational Memory”: Billy Laniado, Yechiel Narkis, Yossi Pollack, Samuel Sork, Dr. Yossi again.
Committee for Combating Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial: Chair: Samuel Scour.
Friends: Billy Laniado, Azriel Nebo, Haim Fishground.
A forum for joint activities of organizations working to perpetuate survivors’ uprising
    The Holocaust (every year on November 27): The Continuing Generations Association, the Escape to Heritage Society, the Cyprus Immigrant Heritage Organization, the Salvino Children’s Organization, the Exodus Heritage Organization, the DP camps.
Forum Coordinator: Billy Laniado, Chairman of the Future Generations Association.

Haifa Branch and Krayot and Stage Manager: Chairman – Dr. Zahava Tanna.
Jerusalem Branch and the Area: Chair – Merit Danon.
Beer Sheva and the South Branch: Chairman – Yael Peleg.
Netanya branch and environment and stage management: Chairman – Yaffe Schlesinger.
Members: Rivka Paz, Haim Fishground, Deborah Atzmon.
Holders of the organization:

Treasurer: Raanan Meir.
The secretary of the association includes the management of the association’s website: Rafi Shapira.
Management of distribution systems: Construction Aharonovich.
Responsible for recruiting friends and managing the Facebook site of the association: Shlomit Raz.
Managing the memorial site Generational Memorial: Yossi Pollack.
Audit Committee: Roy Kidder, CPA Ron Sendak, Adv. Yoram Perry.
Relations with Holocaust Remembrance Institutions and Institutions:

Contact with Yad Vashem: Samuel Scour, Billy Laniado.
Contact with the Ghetto Fighters’ House: Dr. Zahava Tana.
Contact with the “Heritage” organization: Orit Ayalon-Ehrenberg.
Contact with Your People: Billy Laniado.
Relations with overseas organizations: Haim Fishground.
Contact with the Ministry of Social Equality: Billy Laniado, Samuel Surek, Dr. Zahava Tanna.
For a letter from the chairman of Yad Vashem’s management to the association – click here
For approval of the Registrar of Associations for the establishment of the Future Generations Association – click here
For good management approval – click here
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