It all started with Hitler's rise to power in 1933
It continues with the legislation of race rules 1935
And Burst vigorously in synagogues in the pogrom "kristallnacht" in November 1938
Imprison us in closed and crowded ghettos, and we suffered from hunger and diseases, and inhuman treatment which included torture and murder
We were deported to the concentration and death camps, where they murdered our family and friends
They tried to make us lose the human quality- and we survived
We were released from the camps as the last remnants of our families, and we traveled on the road mainly to the DP camps
We survived and fulfilled our dream- to build a home in our country

We believe that we, the future generations, are unique, stemming from being descendants of those who were “there”, went through the inferno and survived, and against all odds were able to nurse the fragments, build new lives and new families. It is our responsibility to perpetuate their story

We'll remember and not forget

The site allows anyone to learn the story of Holocaust victims and survivors as well as first-hand communities and experience the history of the Holocaust in a tangible way.
Connect with the personal story of the survivors and the deceased, learn about their lives, the ghettos and the various camps they went through and discover their family, social and community connections.

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Billy Laniado Chairman of the Future Generations Association

Rabbi Lau Chairman of the Yad Vashem Council

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The Holocaust in colored

It is our thanks to paint yusuf tolga ünker of Turkish descent, who chose to present us with the Holocaust mirrors in color.

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